How to Apply

Applying for Slice of Support is fast and simple. Marco’s Pizza team members can fill out the Application Form below and submit it to us for review. All complete applications will be reviewed within 5 business days, with strict confidentiality. After an award has been made, aid can be made available immediately.

Criteria for Assistance

The main purpose of the program is to provide financial support for Marco’s Pizza® team members facing a wide range of temporary circumstances that cause or create personal or family hardships. The need for financial assistance must be directly caused by an emergency or sudden unexpected event beyond the control of, or not deliberately caused by, the employee and is of such severity that the employee is not likely to have sufficient resources to cope with the event. These awards are intended to assist with immediate, essential expenses of emergency situations, such as but are not limited to:

  • Unexpected severe illness or injury (excluding workers compensation) of an employee, spouse or dependent1
  • Destruction of employee’s home or property by fire or natural disaster such as flood, tornado, hurricane, etc.
  • Death of immediate family members (spouse and children or dependents) if accompanied by other hardships, including uncompensated funeral expenses
  • Catastrophic or unusual expenses caused by severe illness or accident not already covered by insurance

Examples of events which do not qualify:

  • Loss of employment (unless as a result of sudden disability or death in the family)
  • Ongoing or increased cost of household bills (such as utilities, credit cards, mortgages,taxes, vehicle bills and veterinary bills)
  • A situation that does not threaten the employee’s ability to meet basic living expenses
  • Bills related to an ongoing medical condition
  • Past due bills not related to emergency, such as rent, heat, vehicle payments


All Marco’s Pizza team members are encouraged to apply. The following guidelines outline the general criteria for eligible applicants, but exceptions may be considered by the Board of Directors in their sole discretion.

  • Regular employees of Marco’s Franchising, LLC (“MFLLC”) or any of its affiliated companies, who have completed at least 90 days of continuous employment
  • Regular employees of any Marco’s Pizza franchisee entity who have completed at least 90 days of continuous employment
  • Regular employees of any Marco’s Pizza Area Representative entity who have completed at least 90 days of continuous employment “Dependents” are defined as natural, adopted or step children, and other legally recognized dependents. Assistance for family members with any other relationship to an employee may be awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Any Marco’s Pizza franchisee who are in good standing with MFLLC (as defined in their franchise agreement)
  • Any Marco’s Pizza Area Representative who are in good standing with MFLLC (as defined in their area representative agreement)Employees who have submitted a written notice of resignation from employment or who have been terminated from employment are ineligible to submit an application or receive assistance. There is no guarantee that any eligible employee will receive assistance.

Application Process

  1. An eligible employee may request and submit an Application Form from their store manager/franchisee owner or directly from the Marco’s Pizza Support Center. The application will require a description of the emergency and the amount of assistance desired, along with certification of employment signed by the employer.
  2. Once completed, the Application Form should be submitted online via our website, emailed to, or mailed to:Marco’s Slice of Support, Inc. Attn. Benefits Manager PO Box 23210 Toledo, OH 43623
  3. A member may only submit one application per emergency situation, and may not reapply for additional aid within 12 months of receipt of assistance.
  4. All applications will be assigned a number and all identifying information (name, address, date of birth, etc.) will be removed from the application before the application is presented to the Board of Directors. Every effort will be made to preserve an applicant’s privacy.
  5. Applications will be reviewed within 5 business days of receipt by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may request or require additional documentation to support the application. The applicant will receive a written response when a decision has been made.
  6. The total amount of any distribution in each case shall be determined by the Board of Directors, in their sole discretion.
  7. If an application is approved, the funds awarded will be disbursed directly to the creditor/service provider.
  8. There is no right of appeal from a decision of the Board of Directors on any application.

Unfortunately, Marco’s Slice of Support may not be able to provide financial assistance to all applicants and there is no guarantee any applicant will receive an award.